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PETA’s 2013 statistics from the State Veterinarian with the Virginia Department of Agriculture are now available. According to the records, PETA took in 894 dogs in 2013. They killed 629 of them, or seven out of 10. They also sent 227 to kill shelters, where they were either killed or potentially displaced other dogs who were killed. That’s a high-end 96% rate of killing associated with their intake of dogs. They rehomed only 35, a paltry 4%.

They also took in 1,281 cats and killed 1,164, nine out of 10 of them. They sent another 100 to kill shelters, where they were either killed or potentially displaced other cats who were killed. That’s a high-end 99% rate of killing associated with their intake of cats. They rehomed only 16 or 1%.

The records can be found here:

In the past, PETA was defiant, claiming their job was to kill the young and old, the healthy and sick, even those they themselves described as “adoptable,” “adorable,” “healthy,” and “perfect.” They did so even after promising to find them homes, injecting them with a fatal dose of poison within minutes instead. Ingrid Newkirk has called the overdose of poison a “gift.” Since 1999, roughly 2,000 animals a year have been systematically slaughtered by PETA, well over 90% with only 1% being adopted (and then primarily to staff ). Over 30,000 animals have lost their lives at the hands of PETA and they do not deny it.

PETA still takes in and kills about 2,000 animals a year. That has not changed. Now under increasing scrutiny because of the wide ranging success of the No Kill movement and greater exposure of their killing, what has changed is the excuse. Their defiant view that killing even healthy animals is a “gift” has given way to apologia that all the animals they take in and kill are suffering, even while they refuse to provide individual veterinary records for all the animals, even as a newspaper quoted a senior PETA spokesperson as admitting that half the animals they took in last year were healthy, and even as they send animals to kill shelters for possible adoption, putting them either on death row or displacing others in those shelters to be killed. 

PETA says they have over 3,000,000 supporters and they take in over 30,000,000 dollars a year. With that kind of outreach, surely they could have found those animals a home, with minimal effort. Why send them to shelters which already claim they have no choice but to kill because they get too many as it is? Why? Because killing is what they do and what they believe in.

This is the same organization that has called for every shelter to kill every pit bull, even friendly ones:

This is the same organization that tells shelters to kill animals, rather than work with rescuers and foster parents:

That claims that animals do NOT have a right to life:

That lied to people and killed healthy animals they promised to find homes for within minutes in the back of a van:

That has a history of putting 90% of animals to death within 24 hours, including healthy and treatable ones, without making an effort to find them homes:

That put to death puppies they described as healthy, adoptable, adorable and perfect:

That celebrates when shelters kill, even after four years of not doing so:

And that complains when over 10,000 animals are adopted in a single day, rather than killed:

Don’t take my word for it. Look at the evidence for

Look at the photographs:

When you donate to PETA, you pay for the killing of animals. 

Please note: As an ethical vegan and (now former) PETA volunteer who thought they shared my views about the rights of animals, I do not criticize PETA because they believe animals shouldn’t be exploited or killed, but because they do not. I do. Animals should have a right to life.

I have heard these claims before that PETA euthanizes most of the animals they get; is it really true? Why would they do this? I don’t understand ):

For a couple of reasons: firstly because it takes a lot of work to actually house and care for and adopt out animals and they’re first and foremost a marketing and lobbying group, not an actual shelter. Secondly because they believe that all animals are essentially better off dead than in captivity. They disagree with animal ownership in general including pets and will gladly see them dead instead of giving them to new homes out of a misguided sense of purpose.

This is the same group that gives support to actual literal domestic terrorists who fire bomb research clinics.

I hate PETA with a fervency.

They will poison show dog’s water with Antifreeze because according to them they are better off dead than being shown. Plus they objectify women and many other horrible things. PETA is numero uno on my shit list when it comes to “helping” animals.

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